About Us

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Who We Are

We are a small, independent adjusting firm.  Our President, Jeff Martens has been an adjuster in the insurance industry since 2003. He has held a variety of roles such as Catastrophic Events Adjuster and Control Adjuster for a large condominium Property Management firm through the prestigious National independent adjusting firm, Kernaghan Adjusters.

At the end of 2019, with impending changes in condominium legislation and rising deductibles, Jeff identified that the Corporations would face a number of challenges in dealing with losses which fell below their ever-rising deductibles. However, the rates that adjusting firms typically charge was too high due to their overhead and other factors. Jeff felt that the only way to provide the services that Condominium Corporations would require, while reducing the cost of the services provided, was to form his own company. So, in January 2020, Emergent Claims Services Inc. was born. We are a fully licensed and accredited independent adjusting firm, catering to the condominium market in specific. Our goal is to help the condominium boards navigate complicated losses, while relieving Property Managers of the bulk of this burden, as they simply do not have the capacity to take on this work

What We Do

Our goal is to work collaboratively with contractors, Corporations, and Property Managers to provide innovative solutions to issues they face with losses that fall below their insurance deductibles.  We have great working relationships with a number of restoration contractors in the Calgary market. Our experience in insurance adjusting, as well as formal training in Xactimate estimating software, which is widely adopted among restoration contractors, allows us to employ our skills to reduce the cost of losses for the board while expediting the process, and lowering your stress!

How We Help

We have developed a tiered pricing strategy in order to ensure that our services are value added.  In addition, our mobile office ensures that the Board and/or the Property Manager will have a report before we leave the site!  We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Attend your losses immediately upon occurrence to ensure that mitigation efforts by the Contractor are done both properly and economically: this means employing cavity-drying where possible, rather than tearing out materials, and ensuring that tear-out is restricted to what is required only;
  • Review the estimates provided by your contractor in comparison to our inspection of the site to ensure that the scope of work being quoted is an accurate representation of what is required to restore your building;
  • Prepare a Scope of Work and obtain competitive bids for the Board, and make recommendations to the Board;
  • Evaluate change order requests from your contractor to ensure that they are fair and accurate;
  • Evaluate final Invoices and subtrade invoicing in comparison to estimates;
  • Document the loss site with 360 ° imaging to help the Board understand the damages incurred in the loss;
  • Utilize Thermal imaging and moisture sensing equipment to determine the extent of damage;
  • Resolve conflicts involving unit owners;
  • Provide advice regarding potential recovery opportunities.

We pride ourselves on adding value, while saving your Corporation money. Often times, the amount that we can save you will far exceed the cost for our services, but it’s not just about the cost. We offer you Peace of Mind that your losses are being properly reviewed and managed, with faster turnaround times than would be expected otherwise.

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